“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” - Shanti.


Facing the crystal blue water of the Aegean Sea, the island of Karpathos is an emerald jewel, surrounded by endless shades of green with rocky and irregular shores.The island lies in the southeastern part of the Cyclades archipelago and is one of their fewer inhabited islands.

Karpathos is very well known for windsurfing as the strong Greek wind Meltemi blows day and night, but Surfing is still very young. The locals from Arkasa were the first who were introduced to surfing on the island. They realized very soon that the beach just in front of their door offers perfect conditions to learn surfing to a high level. They showed us the spots and we were very motivated to bring this sport between the people and start the first Surf School on the island.

There are quite a few beaches from SouthWest to Southeast coast where surfing is possible. When high winds and strong swells hit the island from all directions, those beaches offer great conditions for advanced surfers, but the main spot is Agios Nikolas beach in Arkasa, where our Surf school is situated. The conditions are perfect for beginners to intermediate. The bay has shallow water, waves are not strong, as we have wind swell, and luckily we have a mountain which blocks the wind, and keeps the waves clean. Waves are coming with the wind , every day from June till the end of September. If you like beautiful blue waters, and would like to learn surfing, we are inviting you to join our surf lessons or organized surf camps, where you will learn everything about surfing and mostly have a lot of fun!

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