Recharge is a brand which helps people to refill their batteries through water sports. Isn't this the whole point of watersports? When it comes to the making of new product, we follow three simple words: Experience. Perfection. Durability. We use vast number of experience and bring out the best of all used materials, shapes and processes to create the product which can be used not only by the beginners but also professionals. While testing and producing new products, our main focus is on durability. We want that product stays with you as long as possible and defy all rough conditions on the water. Again, we use our experience that we don’t need to sacrifice performance in favour of durability or vice versa. In all stages of process of making new product, our guide is perfection. Whether it goes for the early stages of process or late stages of fine tuning and working on small details, we know how important these are and that every small detail count in terms or better performance and durability. If we follow all these three words (experience, perfection, durability) as much as possible, we can bring this experience of great product to the final customer – our fellow windsurfer. And only with great product your experience in the water can be satisfying and you can RECHARGE yourself.

Meltemi Windsurf Center

Meltemi Sport Activities operates with two windsurfing stations on Devils Bay and Chicken Bay on Karpathos, where Meltemi: The Legendary Greek wind provides the best conditions to enjoy windsurfing for all levels. They take up the 25 years tradition of a windsurfing station operated by Chris Schill and have built a place where the windsurfing life happens on Karpathos. Meltemi windsurfing stations provide everything that each windsurfer needs to make most of this place. Everyone will experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and has everything to enjoy windsurfing. Meltemi windsurfing stations are operated by people who are enthusiastic about windsurfing and Karpathos and also willing to provide the ultimate conditions for windsurfing - Catch The Wind & Free Your Mind!

Naish Great Dayz Kite and Windsurf Center

Naish Greatdayz is a high standard Kite and windsurfing center! The spot is perfect for Kite due to constant wind and for advanced windsurfers as you have great bump and jump conditions. Thanks to the summer wind Meltemi, there is daily wind on Karpathos and Rhodes from May to October. That is the reason why they give customers a 100% wind guarantee for the months of July and August. Naish Greatdayz offers the latest Nais Kite equipment. THE GREATDAYZ TAVERNA is perfect addition to the center - you can watch the action on the water and recharge your batteries for the next kite or windsurfing session - check out the GREATDAYZ BAR for your perfect day!

Climbing Karpathos

Guys are really great. They did so much for climbing on Karpathos. They bolt new routs, from easy to difficult, in very beautiful and interesting areas all around Karpathos. They also created guide book, which you can buy in our shop. Go over to their website and check everything about climbing on Karpathos.


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